Who We Are

ICS is located in theWashington D.C. area, and has established itself as an acknowledged leader in the field of security, executive protection, and high level special event services with federal and private organizations. Our staff ranges from ex-law enforcement officers to communication specialist and former military personnel from around the country. Representative clients include five-star hotels, financial institutions, residential services, government agencies, international organizations, celebrities and entertainers.

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Why Choose Us

ICS Protective Services has been an established leader in the field of security and executive protection since 1990. We value and respect our current and prospective customers, and that’s why, at ICS, professionalism is not what we practice but a part of who we are. We have serviced many client’s, with even the most complex security needs. At ICS, there is no request too big or small that we can’t fulfill successfully. ICS guarantee’s quality service and we are always prepared to exceed our client’s expectations. To here what some of our client’s had to say about us; click on the “Testimonials” link below.

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Picture of Security Guard Courtesy of Chuck Patch of Creative Commons