Executive Protection

ICS Protective Services is a leader in the field of Executive Protection.  Here at ICS, we are committed to providing our clients with professional executive protection agents to ensure everyone’s welfare and safety. It’s unfortunate that in today’s world executive protection is needed, but here at ICS, securing our clients during; events, business and/or personal travels is our number one priority.


Our ICS team specializes in providing detailed and accurate threat assessments to determine whether a risk exists and what that risk may be. Our Protection Agents know what it means to provide our clients with the utmost privacy and discretion. Our agents provide non-invasive service and are trained to avoid confrontation. In the unfortunate event a threat is presented, our staff is trained to defuse the situation privately and quickly as possibly while keeping our client out of harms way.


All of our Executive Protection Agents are trained and licensed. Thorough criminal background investigations and reference checks are completed before a position with ICS Protective Services is awarded.